TN county Mayor says COVID is “flu created by satanist Bill Gates”, rallied on by citizens

On December 15th, Stewart County Mayor Robin Brandon once again took to his Facebook profile to articulate his feelings and opinions on COVID-19, Trump’s “re-election”, and “satanist Bill Gates”.

Woman charged after passerby reports her in ditch; fails to provide registration and insurance

41-year-old Lisa Hanvey was charged with driving on a suspended license, failure to report an accident, and unregistered vehicle after she was found in a ditch, was found to have a suspended license, and did not report the accident.

Woman charged after lying to deputy about who crashed her vehicle

42-year-old Sheri Carlson was charged with driving under the influence and filing a false report after she claimed her designated driver wrecked her car into a ditch, and it was later discovered she was the driver.

Woman pulled over for speeding found with jar of marijuana

30-year-old Kristina Allen was charged with speeding, reckless driving, and possession of marijuana after she was spotted speeding too closely behind another vehicle and authorities found marijuana on her person.

Woman charged after deputies witness texts of “what she was planning to do” to her husband

42-year-old Kelly Leese was charged with domestic assault after she claimed her husband assaulted her, but deputies observed text messages on her phone that stated otherwise.

Man charged after Tennessee Highway Patrol performs field sobriety test at crash site

20-year-old Matthew Westerman was charged with driving under the influence and violation of implied consent after he crashed his vehicle and a Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper noticed he appeared intoxicated.

Speeder catches additional charges after deputy discovers suspended license and pills

59-year-old Michael Cox was charged with possession of Gabapentin, speeding, and driving on suspended after he was pulled over for speeding on Highway 79 and an aspirin bottle containing Gabapentin was found in his vehicle.

Intoxicated man charged after reportedly parking in another person’s backyard

21-year-old Jakeb Jordan was charged with possession of marijuana, public intoxication, and open container laws after deputies located an open alcoholic beverage in his vehicle and leafy substance inside of an Altoids container.

Woman charged after Exxon employee reports her standing around in store talking to herself

24-year-old Mittsy Coulter was charged with public intoxication after an Exxon employee reported she was standing around inside the store, appeared to be intoxicated, and was talking to herself.

Fugitive charged after deputy finds meth, heroin, and marijuana on his person

37-year-old Billy Lee was charged with possession of heroin, methamphetamine, and marijuana after he was caught fleeing from a residence and was found to have a spoon, a needle, and various baggies containing illegal substances on his person.