Woman charged after deputies witness texts of “what she was planning to do” to her husband

42-year-old Kelly Leese was charged with domestic assault after she claimed her husband assaulted her, but deputies observed text messages on her phone that stated otherwise.

Man reportedly pushes girlfriend to ground; smashes windshield with chunk of wood

41-year-old Gerald Dodson was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he reportedly shoved his girlfriend to the ground and smashed her car with a piece of wood.

Man fires gun during argument with wife while son is present

39-year-old David Spencer was charged with aggravated assault and false imprisonment after blocking his wife’s car from fleeing the scene of a verbal argument where he discharged a gun.

Lovers quarrel over alleged infidelity; both charged with domestic assault

20-year-old Terry Whitney and 20-year-old Mercedes Leonard were both charged with assault when conflicting reports were given after an argument over alleged infidelity.

Man claims he was assaulted by two women; charged after deputy notices girlfriend’s laceration

57-year-old Mark Berlin was charged with filing a false report and domestic assault after he claimed that two women broke into his house to attack him, but deputies noticed his girlfriend was the one injured.

Brothers charged after one hides other from police

45-year-old Thomas Miller was charged with assault and 46-year-old John Miller was charged with false reports as well as contempt of court after Thomas reportedly assaulted someone and hid inside his brother’s house.