Woman charged after lying to deputy about who crashed her vehicle

42-year-old Sheri Carlson was charged with driving under the influence and filing a false report after she claimed her designated driver wrecked her car into a ditch, and it was later discovered she was the driver.

Woman pulled over for speeding found with jar of marijuana

30-year-old Kristina Allen was charged with speeding, reckless driving, and possession of marijuana after she was spotted speeding too closely behind another vehicle and authorities found marijuana on her person.

Speeder catches additional charges after deputy discovers suspended license and pills

59-year-old Michael Cox was charged with possession of Gabapentin, speeding, and driving on suspended after he was pulled over for speeding on Highway 79 and an aspirin bottle containing Gabapentin was found in his vehicle.

Licenseless man told to leave vehicle parked; drives away and gets pulled over again

25-year-old William Miller was charged with driving on a suspended license when he got into his vehicle and drove down the highway after an officer already pulled him over for having a suspended license.

Man charged after failing sobriety test given by Tennessee Highway Patrol

31-year-old Joshua Scruggs was charged with DUI and several other charges after he was detained during a vehicle search and performed poorly on a field sobriety test.

Man drops baggie with green leafy substance during search

24-year-old Adrian Friend was charged with possession of marijuana, speeding, and tampering with evidence after a baggie containing a leafy substance fell out of his belongings during a vehicle search.

Man keeps meth near sippy cup in car

18-year-old Tyler Deeley was charged with possession of methamphetamine and not wearing a seatbelt after he consented to a search during a traffic stop and a deputy found a white substance in a bag.