Passenger in traffic stop admits to roach in pocket; officers find Lortab pills

24-year-old Logan Varden was charged with possession of Lortab pills and unlawful drug paraphernalia after he claimed ownership of them during a vehicle search.

On October 16th, Stewart County Sheriff’s Deputy Aaron Page was assisting Cumberland City Police Officer Rick Smith with a traffic stop. Deputy Page made contact with the back passenger of the vehicle, Logan Varden, who stated he had a roach in the pocket of his jacket.

Logan Varden (SCSO)
Logan Varden (SCSO)

The deputy searched the vehicle and located a pill bottle with cut straws inside. Logan admitted they were Lortab pills and the bottle was his.

Logan Varden was arrested and charged with possession of Lortab and unlawful drug paraphernalia. He was released on a $750 bond.

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