Man refuses field sobriety test and blood test after being pulled over for swerving

66-year-old James Gray was charged with DUI and driving on revoked after he was pulled over for swerving in traffic, smelled heavily of alcohol, and was found to have a revoked license.

On October 27th, Stewart County Sheriff’s Deputy Miller spotted a white Honda Fit that failed to stop while turning right onto Highway 149 from Cumberland City Road. Deputy Miller moved behind the vehicle at the parking lot of Sportsman Market. Deputy Miller noted while the Honda Fit was leaving the parking lot, the driver failed to yield while merging into traffic. As he began to follow the vehicle, it began to swerve out of his lane. The deputy turned on his emergency lights and initiated a traffic stop.

James Gray (SCSO)
James Gray (SCSO)

Deputy Miller stated when he pulled over the car, he made contact with the driver, James Gray, and noticed a strong alcoholic odor coming from the vehicle. He also put in his report that Gray had slurred speech and glassy eyes. When his license was run through the system, it was found revoked due to a DUI two years prior. Upon exiting the vehicle, Gray refused to perform sobriety exercises. He was then taken into custody, where he was read the Tennessee Blood and/or Breath Consent Advisement Form, once again refusing to submit to a test.

James Gray was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, failure to use traffic signals, violation of implied consent law, and driving on revoked. He was released on a $4,250 bond.

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