Woman charged after filing a false report with Stewart County Sheriff’s Office

58-year-old Tammy Medlock was charged with filing a false report after she claimed someone had stolen her trailer and lawnmower, but later revealed she had lied to law enforcement in order to get the items she gave away back.

On October 7th, Stewart County Sheriff’s Deputy Trenton Hearndon responded to a complaint of a stolen trailer and lawnmower. Deputy Hearndon made contact with Tammy Medlock when he arrived. She told the deputy her trailer was stolen after she got a flat tire at the Bumpus Meals Diner.

Tammy Medlock (SCSO)
Tammy Medlock (SCSO)

When the trailer was recovered from the other party, it became apparent that Tammy falsely reported the trailer as stolen. When confronted, she admitted she lied in order to get her trailer back. She reported she released the trailer to the other person after they had come to an agreement in Henry County, one week prior.

Tammy Medlock was arrested and charged with filing a false report. She was released on a $5,000 bond.

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