Man found with 22.18 grams of marijuana tucked in crotch

18-year-old Brian Connard Jr. was charged with possession of marijuana after police detected the odor of marijuana during a traffic stop and conducted a search.

On October 7th, Dover Police Officer Ricky Smith clocked a vehicle doing 63 in a 45 mile-per-hour zone on Donelson Parkway. He performed a traffic stop on Cedar Street and made contact with Brian Connard.

Brian Connard Jr. (SCSO)

Officer Smith reported while he spoke to Connard, he could detect an odor of marijuana from the vehicle. He was asked to step out of his vehicle, and Connard gave consent to have his vehicle searched. While he searched the vehicle, Sergent Ryan Goldsmith performed a pat-down on Connard and felt contraband near his crotch. Connard removed the bag, which contained 22.18 grams of marijuana.

Brian Connard Jr. was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana and speeding. He was released on a $5,500 bond.

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